Below is our maintenance contract. Here you can preview an example of what our routine monthly maintenance consists of. To establish a monthly maintenance plan you can contact us by phone or email.                           

                      12 Month ground maintenance contract

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San Antonio, TX.

I.                Mowing:  Mowing will be performed on a weekly basis during the growing season and on an as needed basis during the dormant season.

II.              Trimming:  Lawns will be edged and trimmed on a weekly basis during the growing season and on an as needed basis during the dormant season.

III.            Blowing:  Blowing will consist of all walkways, driveway, decks, pool areas and all common areas. Blowing will be conducted on a weekly basis.

IV.            Pruning: Pruning will be performed on an as needed basis. Pruning will consist of all shrubs under 6’.

V.              Leaf removal: Leaves will be picked up and removed on a weekly basis.

VI.            Fertilization: Lawns will be fertilized three times per year. Spring with weed & feed, Summer with high nitrogen and Fall with winterizer.

VII.          Weed treatment: Weeds in the lawn will be treated with a broad-leaf herbicide on an as needed basis. Weeds in planting beds will be treated with a non-selective herbicide or hand pulled as needed. Chemicals cannot be applied when temperature is over 90*


Your contract is based on 12 equal payments. This contract is self-renewing but may be terminated with a written 30 day notice. If contract is broken prior to the 12 months an early termination fee will be assessed this fee will not exceed one month billing.


The cost for your ground maintenance will be $0.00 per month. We bill on a credit basis so work will begin upon signing of contract. Billing is done on the 20th of each month and is due on the first. After the 5th of the month a 5% late fee will be assessed.


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