Aucuba Japonica


The Japanese Aucuba is a shrub commonly called Gold Dust because of the gold flecks which adorn the dark green leaves. The small red berries are toxic and cause symptoms such as nausea and vomiting when ingested. It bears small 4-parted flowers which are a deep purple/maroon color. 

Common Name: Aucuba, Spotted Laurel, Gold Dust

Type: perennial evergreen shrub 

Family: Garryaceae

Native Range: China, Taiwan, southern Japan

Zone: 7 - 9

Height: 6 ft. - 10 ft.

Spread: 5 ft. - 9 ft.

Bloom Time: late winter/early spring

Bloom Description: purple

Sun: full/partial shade

Water: water regularly

Maintenance: average maintenance needs

Flower: small, inconspicuous

Leaf: leathery, rounded leaves

Fruit: small berry, TOXIC

Other: plant is toxic if ingested 

Tolerates: heavy shade, clay soil