Burning Bush


Year round the burning bush displays green oval leaves, but during the Autumn months it is set ablaze with bright red leaves. Although easy to maintain, this plant easily outgrows its space so make sure it is given a lot of room to grow!

Common Name: Burning Bush, Cork Bush 

Type: Shrub

Family: Celastraceae

Native Range: North East Asia, Central China

Zone: 4-8

Height: 8.00-10.00 ft.

Spread: 8.00-10.00 ft.

Bloom Time: Late Spring/early Summer

Bloom Description: Yellow/green

Sun: Full sun/ light shade

Water: Average water use

Maintenance: Medium maintenance 

Flower: Miniature, inconspicuous 

Leaf: Medium-dark green, bright red during autumn


Other: Can be invasive 

Tolerate: Deer