Mexican Fan Palm


This tropical, fast growing palm is commonly used to line streets, but be warned; it does get very tall. Like other palms, it displays a long slender trunk topped with large fan-shaped leaves. This palm will add a tropical feel to any area that has enough space for it. 

Common Name: Mexican Fan Palm 

Type: tree, palm

Family: Arecaceae

Native Range: Northern Mexico 

Zone: 8 - 11

Height: 50 - 60 ft.

Spread: 10 - 15 ft.

Bloom Time: summer

Bloom Description:

Sun: Full Sun 

Water: minimal watering needs once established

Maintenance: low maintenance 

Suggested Use: street lining 

Flower: showy

Leaf: tropical, green, fan-shapped

Fruit: black/brown, oval, fleshy


Tolerates: drought, cold-hardy