Mexican oregano


This beautiful perennial shrub provides it all. Not only does it provide a beautiful contrast of dark green to violet, but it is edible and has quite the lovely aroma. True to its name, Mexican Oregano is often used as an herb in cooking throughout the world as a spicier substitute for regular oregano. Because of its dense growth and seasonal flowering, Mexican Oregano is also capable of making a nice shrub for your yard. 

Common Name: Mexican Oregano, Desert Oregano, Rosemary Mint

Type: herbs, perennials, evergreen shrub

Family: Lamiaceae

Native Range: Mexico

Zone: 9 - 11

Height: 2 - 3 ft.

Spread: 1 - 2 ft.

Bloom Time: mid summer

Bloom Description: violet, white

Sun: full sun

Water: regular watering when top 3 inches of soil is dry

Maintenance: low, trim back during summer

Flower: tubular clusters

Leaf: small, fragrant, edible

Fruit: none