• Mexican Petunia Katie Ruellia


    Mexican Petunia Katie Ruellia is an evergreen perennial that forms in clumps, remains low to the ground, loves water, and has big blooming flowers in summer.  The blossoms are trumpet shaped and come in varieties of white, pink, and lavender-blue. It makes a good ground cover.

    Common Name: Dwarf Katie Ruellia, Katie Blue

    Type: herbaceous evergreen, ground cover

    Family: Acanthaceae

    Native Range: Mexico

    Zone: 7 - 11

    Height: 6 - 12 in.

    Spread: 12 - 24 in.

    Bloom Time: early summer-frost

    Bloom Description: lavender-blue, white, pink

    Sun: full sun - partial shade

    Water: low

    Maintenance: low

    Suggested Use: borders, ground cover

    Flower: large, showy, trumpet-shaped

    Leaf: elongated, narrow, dark green

    Fruit: none

    Other: attracts butterflies

    Tolerant: deer, disease, insect