Oregon Grape Holly


This plant provides a stunning transition of color. New growth has a bronzy-red color, while established plants have purple-blue leaves during the winter and yellow during the summer, blue berries can also be found among the yellow leaves. At any time of year this plant can provide a contrast to the usual green. Caution: the points on these leaves have been known to prick, please use caution when handling. 

Common Name: Oregon Grape Holly

Type: shrub

Family: Berberidaceae

Native Range: western United States

Zone: 6-9

Height:3-6 ft

Spread: 3-6 ft

Bloom Time: spring flowers, summer berries

Bloom Description: yellow

Sun: full sun/ partial shade

Water: Average water needs 

Maintenance: low maintenance 

Suggested Use: border, gardens, or coverage

Flower: fragrant

Leaf: leathery, spiny, color changing depending on growth and season

Fruit: small, purple-black, edible 

Other: edible, attracts birds

Tolerate: deer resistant