Pendula Yucca


Pendula Yucca offers the same drought-tolerant performance as other Yuccas, but with a softer look. As the spear-shaped leaves mature they develop a gentle curve, resulting in weeping foliage that creates a stunning fountain-like effect.

Common name: Pendua Yucca, weeping yucca

Type: Shrub

Family: Agavaceae

Native Range: Southwest United States, Mexico

Zone: 7-11

Height: 3-10 ft 

Spread: 3-6 ft

Bloom Time: summer and fall

Bloom Description: white

Sun: Full Sun

Water: low 

Maintenance: low

Flower: Fragrant

Leaf: Blue-Green, Leathery

Fruit: Brown 

Other: attracts bees, butterflies, and birds

Tolerates: drought, heat