Texas Sabal Palm


The Texas Sabal Palm is a large, single trunk palm that slowly grows to large heights. This tree averages about 50 ft tall but has been known to reach heights of 70 ft. Like many palms the trunk, once developed, is covered in old leaf stems. However the size, color, and trunk development depend on the amount of sunlight provided.


Common Name: Texas Sabal Palm, Texas Palmetto, Cabbage Palm 

Type: Palm 

Family: Arecaceae

Native Range: Southwest United States

Zone: 8-11

Height: 40-50 ft

Spread: 8-25 ft in the canopy 

Bloom Time: summer

Bloom Description: white/cream

Sun: full sun, partial shade. Too much shade affects trunk development

Water: average water 

Maintenance: low

Suggested Use: accent plant, group planting, lawn tree

Flower: small, inflorescence, only blooms when young 

Leaf: 10-15 ft, palm shaped, deep green

Fruit: small, oval, black

Other: slow growing

Tolerate: drought