Windmill Palm


The Windmill palm, also called the Chusan palm, is known for it'large rounded leaves above the slender stalk, giving the palm a windmill- like appearance. These palms can reach heights of 40 feet, although they are usually seen about 10-20 feet high as they are a slow growing variety. This palm is adorned with pretty yellow flowers, about 2-3 inches long, kept close to the trunk in a branching display. Only female palms will bear fruit. The trunk is slender, tapering down from the top.

Common Name: Windmill Palm, Chusan Palm

Type: Palm

Family: Trachycarpus Fortunii

Native Range: China, Asia

Zone: 6-11

Height: 10-40ft

Spread: 10-20ft

Bloom Time: Summer to Fall

Bloom Description: yellow

Sun: Partial- Full sun

Water: Rugular, well drained soil

Maintenance: Low to medium

Suggested Use: patio accent, framing tree

Flower: Yellow, medium sized

Leaf: long and round leaf blades, 

Fruit: small, bluish black, oval shaped


Tolerate: Moisture, drought, mildly salt tolerant