Chinese Privet


The Chinese Privet is a small shrub or tree, depending on how it's maintained; it produces small, white flowers that are very aromatic when in bloom. Most commonly used as a hedge plant, the Chinese Privet also produces toxic fruit, so it is necessary to keep them away from small children and dogs who may eat the fruit. Unlike the common privet, this beautiful plant will stay green year round making this plant a beautiful addition to your garden.

Common Name: Chinese Privet

Type: semi-evergreen shrub

Family: Oleaceae

Native Range: China

Zone: 6 - 9

Height: 5 ft. - 12 ft.

Spread: 6 ft. - 8 ft.

Bloom Time: mid-spring

Bloom Description: white

Sun: full sun/partial shade

Water: low watering requirements

Maintenance: medium maintenance required 

Flower: small, fragrant, clustered

Leaf: dark green, glossy

Fruit: small, dark blue-black berries in large clusters; TOXIC

Other: can be invasive

Tolerates: drought