This evergreen decorative shrub provides a nice accent to your yard with leaves that change to a pretty maroon color in the Fall. Due to its beautiful maroon color, it is commonly mistaken as a "Red Tip". Please note: the Cleyera does grow to a large size so, if a smaller shrub size is desired, plants must be pruned frequently.

Common Name: Cleyera

Type: Evergreen shrub

Family: Theaceae

Native Range: Mexico

Zone: 6 - 8

Height: 8 - 12 ft.

Spread: 6 - 10 ft.

Bloom Time: Late Spring/Early Summer

Bloom Description: Pale yellow

Sun: Full/Partial sun

Water: Low

Maintenance: Low

Flower: Fragrant, small, clustered

Leaf: New growth is bronze to red in color, then mature to a shiny dark green

Fruit: Yellow, red, or black berries during Fall