• Foxtail Fern


    The foxtail fern, although not a true fern, is the perfect accent plant for your garden. Its vivid colors and unique spreading stems provide great contrast while still complementing most other plants in your garden!


    Common Name: foxtail fern, ponytail, bottle brush, emerald fern

    Type: Perennial, Fern

    Family: Liliaceae

    Native Range: South Africa

    Zone: 9-11

    Height: 2 feet

    Spread: 2-3 feet

    Bloom Time: spring

    Bloom Description: white

    Sun: partial sun

    Water: keep soil moist

    Maintenance: low

    Suggested Use:

    Flower: small, inconspicuous 

    Leaf: soft, needle-like, green/yellow, light green

    Fruit: toxic red berries