Garden Hydrangea


The Garden Hydrangea is most recognized for its bright, showy blooms during the summer months. Available in a wide variety of colors, this plant is capable of fitting any garden. Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss what variety is best for your personal garden.

Common Name: Garden Hydrangea

Type: shrub

Family: Hydrangeaceae

Native Range:southern and eastern Asia 

Zone: 4-9

Height: 3-6 ft

Spread: 6-10 ft

Bloom Time: fall, summer

Bloom Description: blue, pink, purple, red, white

Sun:part sun/shade

Water:average water needs

Maintenance: low maintenance 

Suggested Use:Flower beds, boarder plants

Flower: showy flowers, grown in clumps

Leaf: serate, elliptic, dark green



Tolerate: Frost