Japanese Aralia


The Japanese Aralia is a beautiful tropical looking plant with large dark leaves. Mature plants produce clumps of small white flowers. Great for a shaded entryway or walkway this plant will be the perfect addition to any tropical garden. 

Common Name: Japanese Aralia, paper plant

Type: perennial shrub

Family: Araliaceae 

Native Range: Japan 

Zone: 8-11

Height:5-8 ft

Spread:ft 5-8 ft 

Bloom Time: late winter

Bloom Description: white

Sun: partial shade/sun

Water:average water, depending on heat 

Maintenance: low maintenance 

Suggested Use: shaded patio or walkway, container or garden

Flower:small, clustered, non-showy 

Leaf: large, leathery, spread pointed

Fruit: black berries