Japanese Boxwood


The Japanese Boxwood is a small densely grown hedge, with a more compact size and brighter leaves than its English counterpart. This plant makes a great border plant due to its dense growth and is commonly used for topiary shaping. These shrubs are generally easy to grow and to maintain, but the level of maintenance is dependent on the desired shape. 

Common Name: Japanese Boxwood, little leaf box 

Type: evergreen, shrub

Family: Buxaceae

Native Range: Japan, China 

Zone: 3-10

Height: 4-6 ft

Spread: 4-6 ft 

Bloom Time: late winter/early spring 

Bloom Description: white 

Sun: full sun/ partial shade 

Water: low water requirements 

Maintenance: moderate maintenance to keep desired shape

Suggested Use:

Flower: small, non-showy

Leaf: small, round, dense growing, glossy

Fruit: small inconspicuous berries

Other: Poisonous if ingested