Lantana (Purple)


Purple lantana has waves of soft purple flower clusters from spring through fall that attract butterflies.  This drought tolerant, low maintenance perennial can make a great addition to the landscape. It tolerates partial shade, but blooms better in full sun.  Once established, only occasional watering is needed. Plants can be pruned back in late winter to produce new growth.


Common Name: Trailing Lantana

Type: ground cover, shrub

Family: Varbenaceae

Native Range: South America

Zone: 8 - 11

Height: 6 - 18 inches

Spread: 4 - 6 ft.

Bloom Time: seasonal

Bloom Description: purple

Sun: part sun/shade

Water: low water

Maintenance: low maintenance

Suggested Use:

Flower: showy, fragrant

Leaf:  green

Fruit: none

Other: attracts bees and butterflies

Tolerant: heat, drought, deer resistant