Mediterranean Fan palm


Mediterranean Fan Palms will make your garden feel like the perfect getaway location. These beautiful focal point plants are easy to grow and require minimal upkeep. Let this beautiful plant bring your home all the joy of a regular palm while taking up less space then a regular palm. 

Common Name: Mediterranean Fan Palm

Type: evergreen, palm

Family: Arecaceae

Native Range: Western Mediterranean 

Zone: 8 - 11

Height: 6 - 10 ft.

Spread: 6 - 10 ft.

Bloom Time: multiple times a year

Bloom Description: bright yellow

Sun. partial to full sun

Water: occasional watering once established 

Maintenance: low maintenance

Suggested Use:

Flower: inconspicuous 

Leaf: grown for foliage

Fruit: none


Tolerate: deer resistant,  drought resistant