• Mexican Petunia


    Mexican petunia is an evergreen perennial that forms colonies of stalks standing 3 ft in height and has big blooming flowers in summer.  The blossoms are trumpet shaped and come in varieties of white, pink, and blue. It also comes in a dwarf varieties used as ground cover.


    Common Name: Mexican Bluebell, purple showers

    Type: perennial

    Family: Acanthaceae

    Native Range: Mexico, Southwest America

    Zone: 8-11

    Height: 2-3 feet

    Spread: 1-3 feet

    Bloom Time:

    Bloom Description: purple flowers on dark stems

    Sun: full light/partial shade

    Water: medium water

    Maintenance: moderate

    Suggested Use:

    Flower: purple, showy

    Leaf: dark, tubular

    Fruit: n/a