Nandina Compacta


The Nandina Compacta is similar to our other Nandinas except it features a smaller size. The evergreen leaves provide a beautiful backdrop for the long lasting, white, star-shaped summer flowers. The leaves do have a tendency to turn redish purple during the winter time. Often used as a border plant or a filler plant, the Nandina Compacta is sure to add beauty to any area it is placed. 

Common Name: Nandina Compacta

Type: Shrub 

Family: Berberidaceae  

Native Range: Eastern Asia 

Zone: 6-10

Height:2.00-5.00 ft

Spread: 3.00-4.00 ft

Bloom Time: summer

Bloom Description: white

Sun: full to partial sun

Water: average water

Maintenance: low maintenance

Suggested Use: Filler plant

Flower: long lasting, fragrant

Leaf: evergreen, red/ burgundy during fall

Fruit: red berry clusters

Other: attracts birds

Tolerate:drought, deer