Nandina Harbour Dwarf


Nandina Harbour Dwarf is the smallest growing heavenly bamboo we sell. It only reaches a height of two feet but has many of the same characteristics as our full size heavenly bamboos. The deep green foliage provides a backdrop for white flowers during the spring followed by red berries. During the winter the leaves turn a bronze color. This plant works best as ground cover. 

Common Name: Nandina Harbour dwarf, heavenly bamboo

Type: Shrub

Family: Berberidaceae

Native Range: Eastern Asia

Zone: 6-9

Height: 1.00-2.00 ft

Spread: 2.00-3.00 ft

Bloom Time: Spring

Bloom Description: White with yellow anthers

Sun: Full sun to partial shade

Water: Medium water

Maintenance: Medium maintenance

Suggested Use: Ground cover 


Leaf: 3 leaf clusters, evergreen, bronzy red during winter

Fruit: showy, red berries

Other: attracts birds

Tolerate: drought, deer