Philodendron selloum


This tropical perennial has large glossy leaves that sprawls along the ground. The leaves are up to three feet in length. It will reach heights of ten feet in warm climates, and can die back in colder climates only to return if protected sufficiently. Philodendron appreciates moist, well drained soils and does not tolerate drought conditions at all.


Common Name: split-leaf philodendron

Type: Vine

Family: Araceae

Native Range: Mexico to Panama

 Zone: 10 to 12

Height: 30.00 to 70.00 feet

Spread: 6.00 to 10.00 feet

Bloom Time: Rarely flowers indoors

Bloom Description: Whitish-green spadix and white spathe

Sun: Part shade

Water: Medium

Maintenance: Low

Flower: Showy

Leaf: Evergreen

Fruit: Showy, Edible

Other: N/A

Tolerates: N/A