The Plumbago is an easy growing, Texas heat loving, deer tolerant plant. There are no known plant diseases that can even take down this durable plant. The beautiful pholox like flowers provide color to any garden all season long, and works great as a filler plant or ground cover. The durability of this plant makes the Plumbago the right choice for any Texas garden. 

Common Name: plumbago, leadwort

Type: perennial, shrub

Family: Plumbaginaceae

Native Range: South Africa

Zone: 5-9

Height: 1-3 ft

Spread: 1-3 ft

Bloom Time: summer

Bloom Description: Blue, White

Sun: Full sun/ partial shade

Water: medium

Maintenance: moderate

Flower: showy, Pholox-like

Leaf: thin, medium green

Fruit: N/A

Other: N/A

Tolerate: deer