• Red Tip Photinia


    Born to be a hedge, this evergreen offers dense foliage for privacy, bronze-red spring tips, & showy white summer flowers. This great privacy shrub offers new blazing bronze growth that provides a stunning contrast to the older dark green growth.


    Common Name: Christmas Berry, red tip photinia

    Type: Evergreen Shrub

    Family: Rosaceae

    Native Range: China, Japan

    Zone: 7-10

    Height; 10-15 feet

    Spread: 5-8 feet

    Bloom Time: spring

    Bloom Description: White

    Sun: Full sun

    Water: low water use

    Maintenance: Medium, some pruning required dependent on color specifications and shape desired.

    Suggested Use: Privacy screen

    Flower: small, numerous clusters, fragrant

    Leaf: Red-dark green, glossy

    Fruit: small red/black pome