• Red Yucca


    The Red Yucca is not actually a Yucca, is a must have for any Texas garden. It has long, thin, green leaves that sprout out of the ground resembling a green fountain. Originating from Texas, the Red Yucca is made to withstand the high heats of Texas summer and proves it by displaying beautiful bell shaped flowers during May through to October, which continuously rebloom. The Red Yucca is a great addition to rock gardens or any garden looking to add texture and color. 

    Common Name: Red Yucca

    Type: shrub

    Family:  Agavaceae

    Native Range: Central and Western Texas

    Zone: 5-11

    Height: 3-4 ft

    Spread: 4-6 ft

    Bloom Time: spring to summer 

    Bloom Description: pinkish-red, coral, yellow 

    Sun: full sun 

    Water: low water needs once established

    Maintenance: low maintenance

    Suggested Use: rock garden, accent piece

    Flower: tubular, clustered

    Leaf: leathery, spead

    Fruit: woody capsule 

    Other: attracts hummingbirds

    Tolerate: heat, drought, deer