Shrimp Plant


A great plant for pots or as a stand alone feature, the Mexican shrimp plant blooms multiple times a year. The flowers range from a pink to opaque color and closely resemble shrimp, which gives the plant its name. This attractive shrub requires little care and grows fast. Sure to make a great stand out feature in your home or garden.

Common Name: shrimp plant

Type: shrub

Family: Acanthaceae

Native Range: Mexico

Zone: 9-11

Height:  3-4 ft

Spread: 3-4 ft

Bloom Time: seasonally, year round in milder climates 

Bloom Description: white

Sun: partial to full sun

Water: average water needs

Maintenance: low maintenance

Flower: showy

Leaf: green, oval

Fruit: N/A

Other: attracts birds, hummingbirds, easy care, fast growing

Tolerate: N/A