Variegated Ginger


This impressive plant is guaranteed to be an eye catcher anywhere you plant it. The variegated leaves and arching stems give this shrub a tropical feel. Looks great surrounded by palms, used as filler, or as an anchor plant. 

Common Name: Variegated Ginger, shell ginger

Type: shrub

Family: Zingiberaceae

Native Range: Easter Asia

Zone: 8-11

Height: 3-6 ft

Spread: 5-8 ft

Bloom Time: spring

Bloom Description: pink/white

Sun: partial sun/shade

Water: average water

Maintenance: low

Suggested Use: tropical garden, accent plant, anchor plant

Flower: fragrant, shell appearance

Leaf: variegated 

Fruit: N/A

Other: N/A

Tolerate: Deer