Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow is a profuse bloomer. It opens to a deep violet, then turns to light violet, then to white blooms all within three days. This is a great plant for a dappled-shade shrub border, for planting near walkways, or planted as a mass privacy screen. Is easily pruned to fit smaller gardens or as a great show piece in a container. It is an evergreen in frost-free zones.

Common Name: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Type: Evergreen shrub

Family: Brunfelsias

Native Range: subtropics of South America

Zone: 9 - 11

Height: 3 - 8 ft.

Spread: 4 - 6 ft.

Bloom Time: Spring through Summer

Bloom Description: Showy, fragrant blooms

Sun: Partial sun to partial shade

Water:Rregular watering with a slight increase during hottest parts of summer

Maintenance: Provide enriched, slightly acidic soil. Feed with acidic fertilizer before new growth begins each Spring. Prune annually after flowering time in Summer. Sun tolerant but will do best sheltered from harsh, extreme sunlight of Summer.

Flower: Small, five-lobed flower perched in center of leaf cluster

Leaf: Green, narrow, elongated

Fruit: Berries TOXIC

Other: Attracts butterflies and birds, easy to care for, ornamental berries